Scarcity, a big Key in sales

Scarcity, a big Key in sales

How To Increase Your Sales No Matter What

Scarcity is the number 1, most effective way for boosting conversions!To see a massive difference in your success all you have to do is put a deadline when you tell someone to buy.

Take something away from someone or limit the time they have to make a decision and BOOM, the thing becomes instantly more desirable and coveted! They can’t stop thinking about it and wanting it

!Don’t believe me?! Just think back to 1996...people were literally elbowing other people in the face as they battled their way to the back of the store to grab what? A silly Tickle Me Elmo toy.

All because of scarcity!!!

And now YOU can take advantage of this powerful principle for your online business!Thrive Themes just launched the ULTIMATE scarcity marketing plugin for WordPress: Thrive Ultimatum.

And for a LIMITED TIME it’s ON SALE!

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With Thrive Ultimatum, you can create:

Fully customizable countdown widgets and floating banners and display them (or restrict them from displaying) on your blog posts, pages and anywhere else on your site!

Different scarcity campaigns running at the same time, on different parts of your website!

Automatically recurring campaigns, whether it’s a seasonal sale, a monthly special offer or a timer that runs every day to show how much time your customers have to still be eligible for next-day shipping!

Evergreen countdown campaigns, which allow you to create time limited offers that run for each individual visitor! Make your website into the new Tickle Me Elmo doll now!!!

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